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Training is the key to make good results for your clients and create satisfaction. Our Academy designed and offers different types of training which leads to your success. We offer hands-on training at your place or here in Los Angeles at our academy. Due to the current pandemic situation we also designed a remote virtual training which is also hands-on and as effective as our face to face one. You are eligible for full plexr masters training when you buy a plexr plasma device.

Clinical results coming after Plexr therapy are permanent in terms of skin lesions such as scars, tattoos, moles. In terms of skin rejuvenation, plexr blepharoplasty, and similar indications,  results last from 1 to 3 years.

Soft surgery is a new approach to achieve satisfactory clinical results using non-invasive and safer methods rather than traditional surgery. Soft surgery covers aesthetic to medical treatments and is bloodless, reliable, and  without serious risk for patient nor doctor.

Plasma is a matter. It’s the fourth state of matter that consists of a gas of ions and electrons. 99% of the whole universe is in the form of Plasma. Because of its uniqueness Plasma, holds a lot of energy inside and can deliver the energy to other matters.

It is between one single session to two sessions in most cases, but in certain cases and indications, it takes three or more sessions as well.

In most cases Plexr is like such a lunch time procedure, the client is able to get back to work right after the Plexr. In some specific cases such as Plexr Blepharoplasty, it needs 1 or 2 days of downtime.

After Plexr the skin needs healing. ConcHealer is a cream exclusively designed to cover the scabs and supports the healing process. Apply the ConcHealer right after treatment and keep using it for the next 3 to 6 weeks.

Plexr does not require anesthesia or lidocaine injection. A topical numbing cream will be applied 30 minutes prior to the treatment. Plexr Shower which uses the triangle tip does not need even a numbing cream and is a painless procedure.

In most of the cases, the actual Plexr time does not take more than 15 minutes but some treatments related to larger areas take longer.

Plexr is safe for darker skin color but, like every other energy-based device, proper care and treatment are necessary prior and after procedure.

Unlike other laser devices, Plexr is the only energy-based device generating pure plasma energy on the surface of the skin to sublimate the tissue and rejuvenating the skin.

Through a process of sublimation, which is a process of turning solid into a gas without turning it into the water during the process. When we Plexrize, we apply 36,032 F Plasma Short Bursts over the skin.

Unlike lasers, Plexr does not cause thermal damage to the tissue which, happens after. Thus the healing is quick, the risks are minimized, and Results are astonishing.

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