What Is Plexr And Why?

Plexr is a newly developed and groundbreaking non-invasive device which utilizes recent advancements and discoveries based on plasma to replace surgery, marking a new age in aesthetics and a new direction in standard beauty procedures.

These devices represent "soft surgery" - a new field of medicine which produces results akin to those obtained through full surgeries without performing any invasive techniques on the body.

Soft Surgery

Soft Surgery is a new substitute for the more invasive medical practices in aesthetic surgery and the related fields. It's non-invasive, bloodless, reliable, safe, and easy to perform without any serious risks for both the patient or doctor.




Plexr is an extremely versatile device that is used for different dermatological treatments, both aesthetic and curative.


Many dermatological indications on the body, such as features like scars, acne, and warts, can be operated on with Plexr.


Plexr can be used for a variety of cosmetic features such as cysts, wrinkles, and areas of the skin that require lifting.


Plexr's radius of operation does not spread to surrounding areas, making it perfect to operate on areas like the eyelids.


The technology behind Plexr makes it an ideal alternative to other solutions for indications like vulvoplasty and labioplasty.


Plexr's versatility means that it is perfect for some dental indications, like oral neoformations and gingival whitening.

Post-Treatment Care

We have partnered with Uplifting Skincare, a new brand with a basis in effective minimalism, to bring both doctors and patients post-Plexr treatment skincare creams at an affordable price.


Praise for Plexr from around the world

  • Testimonial
    I had hooded eyelids and I couldn't wear eyeshadow, as you really couldn't see it. My eyes looked small and tired most of the time.

    Two weeks after my first Plexr treatment, the difference is amazing and I am very happy with the results! I would definitely recommend this treatment.
    Donna T.
    London, UK
  • Testimonial
    The Plexr has met all of my needs. It's very versatile!
    Alan Smithee


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